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Welcome to Lees Chinese

A long time ago, in the free city of Gdańsk, there happened to be a Chinese restaurant called Lee’s Chinese. It’s owners dreamed of a place and a menu with great taste. They gave all their heart. One thought chased another and their inspiration raged. From the far far east they invited great chefs which talent astonished and pleased their guests. News about the place full of aromas spread. Legends grew on many threads. It has been told that there lives a dragon that protects playing children. Some stories were true others only bad talk. But one thing is for sure you can eat there delicious food flowing from the orient and drink aromatic tea. You will feed you body, you will feed your soul. Come to a place its like a fairy tale for you and your family. Visit us in our Chinese thresholds. Fall in love just like we did in the great taste and colors, and also you will be concocting stories about a place called Lee’s Chinese, somewhere far away in the free city of Gdańsk.

Come & Experiences our best chinese cuisine